Data Science teamwork
that scales

Quickly reuse, build and share machine learning projects.
Version and catalog data and models, track experiments, visualize pipelines.

Automate tasks. Integrate Git, DVC & MLflow. Open core.

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Create winning models together

Tackle hard challenges with confidence by connecting with collaborators

Integrated Stack

Build your career
on the latest stack

  • Automate mundane tasks on top of a best in class stack DVC-Git-MLFlow
  • Track and push data without devops
  • Integrate with the tools you love or start with instant infra
  • Start quick with a familiar interface and project templates
  • Store large data sets and code in the same place
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work with others

Automated Workflows

Understand every change,
recreate every result

  • Keep everything in sync from pipelines to experiments
  • Visualize complex projects and demonstrate progress
  • Diff and instantly see all the changes that matters
  • Iterate faster with true reuse
  • Communicate results crisp and clear
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make sense of your project

Hands on Community

Discover the ML community
you always needed

  • Connect with a community focused on real world DS
  • Perfect your model then contribute back to build something bigger
  • Find reference work you can trust
  • Carry and showcase your work through your career
  • Get recognition and grow as an expert
Explore repos
instant reproducibility

How does it work?

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Start by forking or pushing an existing project, or start a new one from a template

connect the puzzle pieces


Models, data, code, experiments & more are automatically combined into a single interface

connect with the community


Add collaborators or contribute back to open source data science projects

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Supports tools & frameworks you already use

DAGsHub uses open source protocols, so it's fully portable and extensible

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Or any other tool you like...

Who's it for?

DAGsHub is empowering open source in the data science world


You're collaborating with a large or growing team of data scientists


You want to work with the best of breed open source tools


You need automation for data versioning or rapid iteration


You're working with large or changing data for your project


Git is your go to tool for versioning


You’re a contributor and believe in the power of teams

Who is DAGsHub for?